is about passion and giving every song what it needs. The three members, bass-player Johan Volman, drummer Thomas Calis and singer-guitarist Anco Koens are trying to squeeze everything they got into every song they write and perform, from big rocksongs to small and fragile ballads.


The journey of the band has just started, but already there is an album out there on the WWW, produced and released by Sound Vision Studio, and besides a couple of 'regular' gigs, the band did a great performance on their unplugged concert at SvS-live in cooperation with other great musicians Harm Nielsen and George Konings, and a live performance on national radio, at Veronica’s Countdown Café.


This year, 2016, we hope to get the band to a higher level, with new songs, more and bigger gigs, more exposure and a new album.


The story continues....keep following us!

EP, recorded in April 2015. Containing 5 songs. Produced by George Konings of Sound Vision Studio.

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we had a couple of shows last month. The first with Thomas on drums. In Nijmegen we did some acoustic gigs, and on oct 28 we had a fantastic gig at Café De Kroeg, Arnhem,

Some pictures:






















With Thomas un drums now, the band is developing into a rockband with a jazzy and funky juice all over it.....nice! New songs has been written. We're planning to capture this with some new recordings....stay tuned!



Live registration of the unplugged live recording session at Sound Vision Studio, Arnhem, The Netherlands on November 14th 2015.


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